Westinghouse Outdoor Power


Westinghouse is one of the leading manufacturers in outdoor power equipment. Groundbreaking technology and rock-solid dependability have made them one of the world’s most trusted brands.

Working under the eCommerce manager and friend Brian Altier, Westinghouse (under MWE) hired me as their sole web developer, in charge of migrating their old Magento site to Shopify, starting from scratch.

During the migration, I developed a custom Shopify app to make it easier for data analysts to create and maintain new products. Dynamically generating a template complete with all the fields necessary to create a product, I reduced product creation time down from hours, to minutes.

The new site's was built from the ground up, and so was the theme. I created a custom build that is abnormal to typical Shopify development, but creates a lightweight website without any of the bloat generally associated with other "premium" themes.

After the new theme was finished, I created a documentation website to accompany it, so that anyone in the company could understand, and even (theoretically) develop it.

Subsequently, I developed a custom Node app to dynamically pull data from a spreadsheet, and transform it into geolocation data stored within Firebase. This app allowed data analysts to run this data sync at any time, eliminating the manual process that preceded it. The data generated is used on the frontend in the form of a map, displaying Westinghouse's various service centers in the US and Canada.

I continue to maintain and create new features for the site on an ad-hoc basis.

Platforms & Technologies: Shopify, Vue, Vuex, SCSS, ES6, Firebase, Node, Express, React, Redux, Polaris, Netlify, Webpack, InVision